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QWOP Hacked

Wow. Simple hacked sports game but yet so complicated. Physics is pretty good I must say. Your main goal is to run. But… you have 4 keys (QWOP) that control the legs of your runner. Q and W control thighs and O and P control calves. You have to press them in certain order and simultaneously for the guy to run properly and not end up on his head. That happened to me very often :) .
I’m not sure the ‘head fall’ hack will help you since I crawled for 10 minutes before I could stand up again. Think it would be better if the runner just dies. :) .
Hack: Gravity is 2x lower and you don’t die when you fall on your head.

QWOP Hacked, 3.1 out of 5 based on 50 ratings
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